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Each person is unique and special and has their own ideas to contribute.   During the Consultation, we discuss your needs and wishes and design the "look" that you define.  You need to state your desires instead of just leaving this up to the stylist.  Extensions are an investment that could last for years and it is important that you express your opinions.   The Consultation process also gives us an opportunity to identify any special requirements.




1.  The Consultation will require only about 20 to 30 minutes of your time.

2.  It begins with a review of the lengths, textures and colors of available extensions and the benefits of the Extension system. 

3.  We determine what your new look will be and decide on your specific extensions.  We can custom blend and/or custom color the extensions prior to installation.  For extra fullness, textures can change your overall body.

4.  Discuss the installation procedure and review the time needed to apply your extensions. 

5.  If you want, install a couple of extensions so you know what to expect.

6.  Review care of your new extensions and explore the maintenance options.

7  Answer any questions you may have.

8.  Order materials and set an appointment for installation.  While this is usually performed at the salon, location  work is available in certain cases.

Two-tone colors for a natural radiance.